Air Transport

Air transport will satisfy your requirements if you need to deliver the consignment from/to a more distant destination as soon as possible and if the cost of transport is not your priority. Air transport is suitable for express, but also valuable, sensitive and perishable goods, then. Due to the layout of and the greater number of airports compared to seaports, this type of transport is more advantageous, especially in areas located deeper in the inland or other poorly accessible destinations.

We will choose the most suitable airlines for you in terms of carriage time and tariff prices, or we will offer you more combinations of these two factors to choose from. We will provide a “door to door” service with selected partner network all around the world for you. We will arrange express air transport from house to house.

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We offer a package of all services and formalities related to air transport:

  • Export/import customs clearance
  • Booking cargo space on aircraft
  • Picking up consignments anywhere at the consignor
  • Consolidation of consignments
  • Transport of consignments to/from the airport
  • Consignment tracking and passing on information in case of a problem or change without any delay
  • Assistance in packing the consignments
  • Storage and distribution
  • Consignment insurance beyond the air carrier’s liability. It is limited to price of 17 SDR per one kilogram of goods weight.

Airfreight costs are calculated based on the actual or volumetric weight of goods (chargeable weight) according to data in AWB (Air Way Bill – freight bill). The volumetric weight of goods is different from the actual weight of goods to determine freight costs. In air transport, the conversion to the volumetric weight is given by the ration 1:6000 or 1 cbm = 167 kg.

For example, if your consignment has got a volume of 1.5 cbm and an actual weight of 150 kg, its volume or countable weight will be 1.5 x coefficient for conversion 167 = 250.50 kg.

Prices are always calculated for each specific carriage on the basis of current exchange rates, transport market rates, currency, fuel, and seasonal or other surcharges.

You may find useful a link to complete IATA codes of airports.

“IATA codes are used to refer to airports in flight schedules or airlines, reservation systems, air transport documents, etc. These codes are assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).” Source: Wikipedia