Road Haulage

Road haulage is the most widespread and optimal transport fort shorter inland distances. We arrange road haulage of any large consignments in export and import all around Europe and outside Europe (Iran, Turkey, former Soviet Union states).

We provide the following types of road haulage for you:

  • Carriage of heavy, oversized and great-volume cargoes (oversized transport) including arranging permits, ensuring escorts and other formalities. Your cargo is safe and always delivered in good condition by using the most modern technique, variable vehicle fleet and in the hands of professionals.
  • Carriage of full truckloads (your goods load the truck fully, Avia, van…)
  • Carriage of groupage consignments (for example, smaller pallet, cardboard or other goods, goods in barrels, rolls, bundles or bulk goods) in the form of collection/distribution to/from groupage terminals
  • Full loading in the form of additional loading (we load your goods to other goods heading to the same destination without reloading at the groupage terminal, at lower costs than solo transport – there is not only an economic advantage but fully loading is also environmentally friendly)
  • Road haulage of goods and containers from/to European seaports. Do the goods arrive in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Koper or other European port? We will transport the consignment to the destination in the Czech Republic or elsewhere in Europe by truck (groupage goods) or by container truck (fully-container consignments), including check-in at the port. Do you sell goods based on FOB Hamburg or another European port? We will deliver the goods to the designated ship and check-in to embarkation at the port.
  • Transport by refrigerated vehicles and vehicles with ADR equipment (for the transport of dangerous goods)

Besides, we offer additional insurance beyond the liability of truck freighters (it is limited to price 8.33 SDR per one kilogram of goods weight) and arranging all the customs formalities for carriage outside the EU.

International road haulage (carriage of consignments against payment by road vehicle) follows the CMR Convention in most cases. Road carriage is contractually charged.